Demo 2008

by Bonebreaker

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Josue Ríos - Vocals
Arturo León - Guitar
Sergio Picos - Drums, Guitar & Bass


released April 1, 2008

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Arturo León at Signature Sound Studios in Clairemont Mesa, CA. Summer of 2008.
Music and lyrics by Bonebreaker.
Artwork by Sergio Picos.



all rights reserved


Bonebreaker Tijuana, Mexico

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Track Name: Hit Reality
Where do I go from here when all these years have been wasted. When every fucking achievement falls apart.
This world gets worst every fucking day.
Where am I supposed to go when things get out of my control,
And my frustration, my desperation, and fucking rage are at its peak.

I will shake this fucking world..
Hit me hard cuz you can defeat me no matter how hard you shake this ground. You won't see me fall so keep it up you fucking so called "life" after all I gave this is all you give me back.

Fuck off I'll fight my own war for now.
Track Name: Old as Dust
There's nothing left to prove, when all this shit has gone down a drain. These kids just fucking come and fucking go. No one gives a fuck.

I don't think they ever did...


Like a pack of wolves eating each other alive...
Who needs unity among fucking tyrants?
Track Name: Cursed
These thoughts cloud my mind like boiling blood poring down on my face. "how could we watch this city burned down to the ground"?
Broken dreams, broken lives own every fucking street.
Apathy symbols authority every night.
Respect has lost it's meaning, blindfolded we all sink.
Vicious eyes hunts our backs, waiting to stab like a good old friend. There's no escape, these young ones perish by the dawn.

This nightmare will hunt us from the moment our eyes open till the day we all fucking die.

This city is eating me alive.
Track Name: Human Chain
Loosing my strength, loosing my sight this attitude weakness with time. I'm not your savior so fight your own battles. This demon hearted lacks of inner fire. All my desires pour out like vapor kneel down and defeated... sometimes this life is just too much.

Not a single day goes by when I don't loose my strike, is this human struggle what keeps me alive. In this shitty city with the same old dreams, behind the bars of my own brothers.
My fears crash me down without a chance to breath.
Sinking while swimming in this ocean of people.

There's no way around but to be at the top of this human chain.