I Once Was, I No Longer Am

by Bonebreaker

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Christopher Ríos - Vocals
Arturo León - Guitar
Sergio Picos - Drums
David Alvarado - Bass
José Manríquez - Guitar


released October 26, 2012

Recorded and mixed by Arturo León at Signature Sound Studios and Shady Elm Studios in September 2012. San Diego, CA.
Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music.
Music and lyrics by Bonebreaker.
Artwork by Sergio Picos.
Manufactured and distributed by Negligent Records and Knowledge Records.



all rights reserved


Bonebreaker Tijuana, Mexico

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Track Name: 11/11 Luck Doesn't Exist
Eleventh month of the year
Eleventh day of the month
Those closest to me only brought me fear
I'm the child that momma didn't want.
Track Name: Unheard Replies
Approached in the darkness
Where I can't see your face
But I know who you are
That heavy smell of alcohol in your breath

Another sign that you won't hear my replies

And that this isn't a nightmare
It's the horrible picture
Of a nine years old little girl's
Fucked up real life

Well isn't life grand?.
Track Name: My Skin Is Corrupted
My skin is corrupted
With the traces that your fingertips left
Invisible lines that scarred me
As if made with a blade

The slime of your tongue
Through my cavities

The traces of teeth
That the bite of your mouth left me
Now let me, please let me go back to sleep.
Track Name: Canine On A Scale Of Values
Black with brown spots
Cover his body
White sharp fangs smile
When he is around me

After the beatings
I'd sit outside in a rock
Receiving the warmness
From the rays of the sun

He would sit in front of me
Quietly staring, trying to understand
I know he did, we where fed by the same hand

No need to pretend, I preferred dogs to humans

In my backyard, in a black bag
Brown dirt is over his body

My only real friend is dead.
Track Name: Couple Failure
On ocassions I would fall
And give somebody my all
Gave relationships a try
Only to be taken advantage and left behind

Did I call you my partner?
Did I call you my friend?
Yeah, you were important to me
But hear this, you won't go far
With the moves you made

Two wrongs will never make a right
Couple failure

Thumbs down, that's all you'll ever get
Thumbs down, you'll pay for your mistakes
Thumbs down, that's all you'll ever get
Middle finger up, you fucking chump.
Track Name: Animal Instinct
Alright now, won't you listen?

I've been around
Since an early age from the sky into the ground
I pleased every man in this nothing-to do town
They're yet to find out that it's all part of the plan

Intercourse became an animal instinct
No love there just pleasing the needs
Take your arm from around me
I won't say please or thank you let alone sorry

Fucking and killing both feel the same to me
It's all the same to me.
Track Name: Calling Me A Monster?
Are you calling me a monster?
What is there out of the ordinary
Of taking your life and peeling of your skin?
It's just that I prey on beings with social skills.
Track Name: Painbringer
Stop looking for a way out
There isn't one, there never was
From the first time that we talked
Started the countdown of you getting fucked

You should've payed attention
To everything you heard
The stories where true:
We live in a big cruel world

They say there's a thin line between love and hate
Well I believe we should try it today
Let's play a little game, where pleasure turns into pain
... So let the pain begin

It's always like this
Pretty faces and fake smiles
Trap us and lock us
In unknown abyss
Track Name: Bad Toothache
Big pink lips
That won't ever speak
That won't ever kiss again
Goodbye my miserable friend

Big pink lips
That now red are covered
Freshly painted by the blood
That my tools discovered

I'm free of any sin
So I'm casting all the stones
And after pulling all your teeth
I'm breaking every fucking bone

Now it doesn't seem such a good idea to scream, huh?

One by one
all your teeth fall down
Two by two
I fucking despise you.
Track Name: Aokigahara Forest
I want out!
I want out, I want out, I want out!
This time I'm sure
I'm ready to go
I don't wish to be in this place, no fucking more

The venom of a snake
The tightness of a rope
Tried believing in blind faith
Then convinced there is no hope

No Aokigahara Forest or Golden Gate Bridge
Can compare to the life ending places
That I've been in my head
Track Name: I Once Was, I No Longer Am
Under the bridge
Where she could hide from the sun
Wetting her feet
Analyzing what she's done

After hiding for so long
What she knew best was to run
So that's what she did
Run to the forest or bridge
Run, run, run.

Black sea of trees
Black leafs of water
The damage was so deep
But her eyes still had some glow

Pen & paper in hand
Desperately she wrote:

I once was an object
Abused every inch of my skin
I once was a victim
Until I took my revenge

I once was, I no longer am
I no longer am
No longer am.