Mass Grave

by Bonebreaker

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released July 3, 2016

Recorded and mixed by Arturo León at Signature Sound Studios.
Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege.
Music and lyrics by Bonebreaker.



all rights reserved


Bonebreaker Tijuana, Mexico

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Track Name: Mass Grave
Welcome to this wasteland,
Where all our live are slowly transformed
So we can fit into an undeserving mold for them to use

Welcome to the end of times,
We started rotting as soon as we got here,
Clear your mind of self belonging or dignity,

So just do as I say or you'll be met with disillusion, emptiness.

Just keep away from me,
I have seen everything that I needed to see,
And I won't give you the chance to feed me to the wolves

It won't leave my sight again,
I can't let go of the things that matter and now,
I've seen what I hate and I won't participate in this pathetic rat race

Tired of people and their brainwashed state,
Eradicate bottom feeders from this place,

This is our Mass Grave
Track Name: The Ill Willed
I can't fucking take it
Stand right here and watch you destroy the hope I have in the human race

We've had to abide by their rules
Conglomerate of ignorant fools
We've taken your abuse too many times before
But no more

It's all the same,
It's always the same,
On the ground, we lie in shame

It's all the same,
It's always the same,
Their fear campaign, we earn, they take
Track Name: Pest
Stupid piece of shit, do you know your worth?
Stepping on the toes of ones that have come before
You are the culprit of others misfortunes,
Never one to realize your faults,

Thinking you own the world,
You ruin it for us all,
But amongst giants you're bound to fall,

Soon enough your plan will implode,
Taking your followers down with you

You've become the victim of your own selfish ways,
Only those with true intentions will remain,
Just keep playing your game, trying to show no shame,
The truth is no one's buying it

You're killing the hope we have in you

Now go and fake your way towards empathy
You won't fulfill your goals unless you change.
Track Name: Question Everything
You walk the line that they tell you to,
So much for people that believe in you,
Go ahead and walk his path,
Then you'll know the true nature of his wrath

I will neve blindly follow
The promise of life seems so hollow
But I can see beyond their lies
Confront this world with open eyes

Question everything (x2)

What a terrible mess this has become
The shepherd leading the sheep into ignorance
Why choose to put ourselves through such rigid situations
Witness frail minds marching towards their doom
Track Name: Alone With You
I guess betrayal's one way to put it,
You had me caught up in your stupid act,
Watch what we built, reduced to dust,
These things are far too common,

No way to justify your actions,
Were you expecting me to feel sorry for you?
No need to worry, I won't fall again,
I've learned my lesson, unlike you

I will not let you in my life, no, not again,
I won't let you betray my trust, this is the end,
I will not let you in my life, no, not again,

People aren't always what they appear,
The walls in this glass house are crystal clear,
Disappointment must be embraced,
Failed to show your true face.
Track Name: Blackguard
What subtle way to burn bridges,
Kicking and screaming until you're left with nothing,
'Til you're left with nothing,

Look at what is left of you... an omen of sickness
Do you find happiness? Do you seek fulfilment?

It's just a matter of time, you'll get what you deserve
Dragged through the mud, we're better off alone, all alone

Starting from the end, dead on your tracks,
Your message is slipping through the cracks,
I wait for your imminent demise,
It's your kind that I despise,

Drag your name through the mud,
Let us see how long you can play along
Marching to the beat of your own drum,
Hope you can keep up.
Track Name: Herd Mentality
Cursed be the trend
Will it ever meet the end?
Or will you follow suit and lose all sense of identity?

Disguised as passion, idiosincratic manifestation
So as to feed the feeble minds awaiting the latest fashion

Feeling safe in weak foundations,
Trying to hold onto a lost cause,
Herd mentality is the enemy,
Never lose sight of the path you've chosen,

Time to show that this is all but fading and to end these gimmicks
Just give up

Destined to a common hell (x2)
Track Name: Decay
The purging will begin
It will start from within

This all's like a neverending nightmare,
Everywhere I turn no one seems to care
We contribute only tragedy and deception
Far removed from all human emotion

No compromise, no remorse,
We're only making things for ourselves (x2)

We are given this image, so pristine,
Nothing but cogs in the killing machine,
Will there ever be a way out?
Some way to cure us from the rot?

No compromise, no remorse,
We're only making things for ourselves (x2)

Bring forth the destruction of what we love
To be removed from guilt and rise above
Watching first hand as the earth slowly decays
I refuse to let apathy be

One day we will all see
There is no sanctuary